The Future of Forex Trading is Here

Knockout Forex uses the world's first, fully-automated forex trading technology to enable anyone in the world to trade currencies like a professional. Up until now, only large institutional investors had access to systems like this that can constantly monitor the market and take advantage of opportunities whenever they arise.


Utilizing the world's first fully automated forex trading platform, we take all the work out of making money in the currency markets.


Developed over a period of 10 years, our automated trading algorithms are time tested and give you the best chances of succeeding.

No Fees

Watch the value of your portfolio grow without having to worry about paying management or performance fees for succeeding.

Enjoy A Massive
Technological Advantage

Knockout Forex uses the most advanced automated trading technology
to simultaneously manage, monitor and trade an unlimited number of
currency pairs. The algorithm uses a strategy that has been developed,
tested and proven to succeed over the last 10 years.

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I spent years trying to learn how to trade the forex markets. Within 3 months of starting with Knockout Forex I had made a larger return on my investment than I did all of the previous year.

Francisco R.
Marbella, Spain


This platform is hands-free. I deposited my initial investment 2 months ago and haven't had to do anything but watch it grow.

Mohammad O.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Choose from Three Proven Strategies

Our platform is both a strategist’s playground and a novice’s secret weapon. If you’re tired of mediocre results from playing the forex guessing game, you're ready for Knockout Forex. Trust in our time-tested strategies and start reaping the rewards.







How It Works

Our automated forex platform utilizes an unique combination of mathematical sequences, algorithms and trend indicators to evaluate all the currency pairs and exploit opportunities. This allows the platform to simultaneously manage, monitor and trade an unlimited number of currency pairs.

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