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Knockout Forex

Knockout Forex offers a fully automated forex trading platform that uses an automated algorithm to place trades based upon pre-defined strategies and trends in the currency markets. The automated platform is able to evaluate and trade currencies using an unlimited number variables including traditional fundamentals and technical indicators. Account holders will have the option of choosing one of three strategies: Conservative, Moderate and Advanced, each built around a unique set of trading tactics.

Knockout Forex is entirely built around the automated platform that has been in development for the last 10 years using the tactics and strategies of experienced currency traders. In the past, currency traders have had a difficult time profiting from trading currencies due to the high level of expertise and time needed to evaluate and execute profitable trades. Knockout Forex intends on changing that by allowing anyone to utilize the automated platform, without needing to know anything about currency trading strategies or tactics.

Knockout Forex's customers will range from experienced currency traders, to investment portfolio managers, to people that have an interest in adding currency trading to their retirement portfolio but don't have the time to trade it themselves. Currently, forex trading platforms require extensive knowledge of how the currency markets work and how to use a trading platform to execute trades in a timely manner. Because of this, the majority of people that try to trade currency fail. This has created an opportunity in the market for a platform that is completely hands-off and doesn't require customers to trade themselves, but still offers all the benefits of trading the currency markets.