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Knockout Forex uses a series of automated algorithms to place trades based upon pre-defined strategies and trends in the currency markets. By leveraging the power of intelligent automation, the platform is able to profit from the currency markets unlike any other system. 

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Confidence Means Everything

No fees for the first 3% each month. That’s right, we are so confident in our strategies that we don’t charge a performance fee on the first 3% each month. If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid a performance fee. It is as simple as that.

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Hands Free

Return on Investments

The system is completely automated and our algorithms are trading anytime the market is open. You don’t need to know how to trade forex or have any knowledge of the currency markets. In fact, you won’t even have to place a trade. All you need to do is request an invite and open an account.

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Mastering complex markets

Knockout Forex’s platform evaluates currency pair price movements using thousands of technical indicator combinations. The platform’s trading algorithm uses strategies that have been developed and tested in live accounts over the last 10 years by leading forex experts. Combined with modern computing power, the algorithm can simultaneously manage more positions than an entire floor of traders. 

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Preparing for Reduced Leverage

Reading between the Candles

Sequence Trading

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